621 19" Keyboard Drawer Tray 621.pdf 151KB
for rackmountable 19" cabinet

Joyance 620 19" rackmount keyboard drawer 620.pdf 199KB

365D 3U Raid System Rack Mount Chassis 365D-DIA.pdf 117KB

608HX ATX USB Port Front Access 608HX-ATX+u-DIA x1.pdf 84KB

585i2 4U Rack Mount Chassis 585i2-ATX+u-DIA x1.pdf 133KB

JY-212 Drawing JY-212-DIA x3.pdf 193KB

315E 3U Rack Mount Chassis 4slot-/7slot 315E-DIAx5.pdf 186KB

370B 17-inch LCD Enclosure 370B.pdf 125KB
Rack mount enclosure for 17-inch LCD on 19-inch cabinet of electronic manufacturing industry

604 Wall Mount Chassis 604-DIA x2.pdf 79KB
Wall Mount Chassis System Board 4 ISA Compatible B/P

JA-006 ITX SFF HTPC Casing JA-006 DIA v9 .pdf 121KB

JY-493 Multiple Installation Type Chassis JY-493 DIA x5.pdf 273KB
Can be rack mount, wall mount or simply a desktop (flat or vertical) type case

315E 3U Rackmount Chassis Drawing 315E-DIA x4.pdf 174KB
This is one of our very popular 3U rackmount chassis.


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