101J1-DIA 101J1-DIA.pdf 163KB

486 ATX Drawing JY-486-ATX & 14 DIA x4.pdf 94KB

Chassis Construction 608HX-back.gif 113KB

Chassis Construction -2 608F-Front-View.gif 18KB

Chassis construction -1 608F-Top-View.gif 28KB

Joyance various bracket figure Metal-Parts-Figure.jpg 83KB
This is various kinds of brackets inside of our chassis. 100% pressed and folded in our factory.

Joyance Production Facility Joyance-Production-Facility.jpg 277KB

Joyance Punching & Pressed Parts Bracket-BayCover-Cross-Bar.jpg 174KB

About Wall Mount Bracket Device about-wall-mount-device.jpg 192KB
Joyance has been designing various wall mount bracket for the chassis we made for our clients. Please read this page before inquiry.

RAL Beige & Black RAL-7032-9005.jpg 14KB
Joyance Beige: RAL-7032 Joyance Black: RAL-9005

JY-497 4U_JY-497-C-ATX-DIA x2 Model (1).pdf 298KB

817 8U Enclsoure for 17" LCD 817-DIA.pdf 234KB


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