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Product Name:JA-005B Mini ITX Case

Mini-ITX Enclosure

Very mini size! Two options of internal drive bay cage: (A) Slim CD+3.5HDDx1 or (B) 3.5HDDx2+2.5HDDx1


Dimension (DxWxH):
254x250x156mm (10x9.8x6.14 inch)

System Board Form Factor: Mini-ITX

Space for power supply (L*W*H):
150x81.5x40.6mm (5.9"x3.2"x1.6")

Available Drive Bay Cage (option), both are internal type:
Can install (A) Slim CD+3.5HDDx1 or (B) 3.5HDDx2+2.5HDDx1

Cooling Fan (front):
One 8cmx8cm intake fan with fan door.
Filter removable/washable

Control Panel:
2-USB Port, LCD Display (HDD/Power) and
on/off switch, pre-wired.