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Product Name:608VS-RA EATX/ATX/BP Tower Case

Multi-installation type case for EATX(12"x13"), Full Size Standard ATX(12"x9.6") or 12/14 Backplane

can be tower case, wall mounting or 19" rack mounting installation

Download Drawing

1) Dimension (DxWxH): 457.9x426.5x177mm (18.04"x16.8"x6.97")
2) Form Factor: EATX, ATX, Backplane 12/14 Slots
3) Cooling Fan: 1x12cm at front with or without two 6cm/4cm fax
at rear plate (varied by form factor)
3) Drive Bay Cage (open): 5.25" x 2 + 3.5" x 1
4) Drive Bay Cage (hidden): 3.5" x 1
5) Power Supply Space: PSII or Mini-Redundant
6) Control Plate:
........On/Off Switch
........Reset Switch
........Power & HDD LED Display
........Dual Port USB 2.0 (or USB3.0, optional)